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Intelligently connect your staff and first responders to communicate, prevent and respond to every day and emergency occurrences. Motorola Solutions can help find the right solution for you. When school employees use advanced applications and features such as text messaging and GPS tracking at home, they want to be able to use those same features in the workplace in order to keep students safe and staff productive. They want to communicate instantly over any device while at work with the type of applications and intelligence they’re accustomed to using outside of school. Our wireless systems offer instant communications and technology that allows you to communicate seamlessly over various devices – two-way radios, smart phones, desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

Two-Way Radios

Motorola XPR7550e

When you need direct communication with other teachers, staff or a school resource officer, upgrade your older analog radios to a digital two-way radio network from us. Motorola radios provide instant, reliable communications to specific groups or individuals. When bad things happen, nothing is faster than push-to-talk.

While analog radios offer a high degree of reliability and have been used in schools for decades, today’s digital radios combine the reliability of analog with the best aspects of smartphones, so school employees have access to advanced safety features, a continuously expanding library of applications, and tools like text messaging, Bluetooth® connectivity, GPS tracking, and Wi-Fi®.

Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO is a complete end-to-end solution. MOTOTRBO’s extensive portfolio means you can custom-build your school’s complete solution, including radios, infrastructure, systems, accessories, applications and services designed around what you need today and in the future.

MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios unify your staff and fleet with instant, always-available communications, anywhere they go – districtwide. When emergencies arise, from an injured student to an intruder on campus, two-way radios connect staff directly and instantly. Your school is no longer subject to cellular overcrowding during inclement weather or an emergency. It’s one of several key advantages of MOTOTRBO radios over cell phones.

Schools have relied on two-way radios for decades. But today, digital technology, like Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO two-way radios, are at the cutting-edge of instant communications, combining the best features of smartphones with the reliability and power of push-to-talk (PTT). Now, principals, teachers, IT staff, bus drivers, and operations personnel have access to features like text messaging, Bluetooth® connectivity, GPS awareness, and Wi-Fi® connectivity. Plus, MOTOTRBO includes important safety features such as Transmit Interrupt, which prioritizes critical communications, interrupting other calls to be certain that the most important information is heard by all users in an emergency.

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MOTOTRBO two-way radios are compatible with a universe of apps for safety, productivity, and efficiency. With MOTOTRBO, powerful apps can monitor buses, check fuel usage, track the whereabouts of personnel, monitor device and vehicle upkeep, and even inform school personnel if bus doors or school doors are left open.

A few of the most popular applications we deploy for schools include:

  • Text Messaging
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Remote Facility Management
  • Work Order Ticket Management

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WAVE PTX™ Push-To-Talk Service
Leverage the resources you already have to communicate with employees on their own devices. Available in on-premise or cloud-based versions, WAVE PTX extends your radio system’s reach to those who may not carry radios. Now the principal at a convention or the administrator away from campus can use their smartphones as push-to-talk devices to communicate seamlessly with radio users at school.

WAVE PTX connects to virtually any device – smart phones, laptops, tablets, and even landlines – on any public or private mobile data network, including Wi-Fi. You get seamless and secure connectivity, affordable push-to-talk, and the freedom to keep existing service plans and devices.

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Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance and Access Control
Understanding and managing who is accessing your facility is a critical aspect of ensuring student safety. Comprehensive video solutions from Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company, can help your security team protect the safety of students and staff from the first bell of the day to the last student on the bus.

With a complete line of high-definition video cameras coupled with self-learning video analytics, school security officers will be able to find and track suspicious activity in all types of lighting conditions. The Avigilon Control Center video management system includes a cutting-edge AI search engine to identify and track individuals based on hair and clothing color, gender, and age. To ensure that only approved guests enter, the new H4 Video intercom – designed specifically for schools – helps administrators visually identify visitors before remotely granting access.

Mitigation and Management Solutions
Recognizing trends in behavior for the overall student population as well as individuals with a history of incidents helps school resource officers prepare and react when needed. Ally Incident Management software provides a comprehensive incident management system to support everything from incident dispatch to reporting in a simple and intuitive format. Create incidents on the fly, add still photos, video and audio files, and create standardized reports.

The Ally solution also supports integration with WAVE Push-to-Talk, enabling school resource officers to communicate with their teams and other school personnel directly from the application.

Ally’s Intuitive Incident Management Solution allows you stop a problem before it starts.


The connected classroom is no longer an option and has become mandatory. More than ever, schools must leverage the power of the Internet to enrich the learning experiences of today’s students. They have grown up in a wireless world, expecting access to the information they need anywhere and at any time, on any wireless device. But the increasing demands and needs for campus connectivity and mobility aren’t just for students. Your school’s staff also need reliable, high-speed Internet access to administer online testing, deliver streaming multimedia content and e-Learning. In addition, campus safety needs also require wireless connectivity for video surveillance.

If your school or district has problems keeping pace with increasing Wi-Fi performance and security demands, we can help. We are a leading systems integrator specializing in wireless networking and security technologies and can help you build your ideal wireless campus for your current and future needs.

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